About Us

Our Story

Ministry of Party is a Singapore’s based party planning company that has been in business since 2001. Kids Birthday Party is our speciality. Over the last 13 years in business, we have organised no less than 7000 parties (Big and Small) for people from all Walks of lives and even Ministers and royalties. We were fortunate to have the honor to perform for the grandchildren of the then Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong at their private birthday party celebration in July 2004. in 2011, we engaged by the Royal Thai Embassy to perform for Thailand’s Crown Prince grand and royal birthday party @ St Regis Singapore. In 2013, we expanded our business to set up a party shop that provides everything about kids party.


Our Office

We operate from a office/showroom @ Concorde Shopping Centre, centrally located part of Singapore. Our customers can select a wide range of latest theme tablewares, decorations, party bags.


Our Products

We have successfully built a vast number of best selling party ranges from the latest children’s themes and 1st birthday ranges to baby shower. We provide everything about kids party! Browse through our site and you will find it bursting with new party products and fresh new ideas plus exclusive party kit discounts to make your party planning fun and easy!


Our Founder

Our Founder, Edwin Goh (a.k.a Prof Popcorn) is a professional children entertainer who has been entertaining kids at parties and events for the last 14 years. This has been his first and only job since he left school. This will probably be his last! He is passionate about the art of magic, building his party business and he loves children! (he is a father to 2 young boys)

During his poly days, Edwin started his career on the street performing his balloon skills. Then, it was a novelty and business was brisk. He joked that his grades in his last 2 years of polytechnic suffered because he was too busy making money performing his balloon and magic act. Then after, he was enrolled in the army, which fortunately he was posted to a 9-5 office job. He was hungry. While his peers were chasing girls and partying away, he was busy thinking of ways to make some pocket money during his NS days.

In 2001, he set up Fun Engineerz, with his mum as the owner of the business. He wanted to see if this business idea will work for the long term. Well, he has time on his side to give it a shot! Business was good from day 1 and he was very busy on every weekend!

The most memorable experience was when he was asked by Temasek Club to propose for a family day event. (FYI, Temasek Club is a club for senior officers from the Armed Forces.) On that fateful day, he took a half day off in the afternoon to present his proposal to the organizing committee members. As he was presenting the proposal, he noticed one of the members of the organizing committee looks very familiar! She is CPT Christine from his camp! He was stunned and was nervous. He finished his presentation quickly and was chased by Temasek Club for follow up proposals, which for obvious reasons he did not send.

From 2003-2005, He was appointed by the then National Fire Prevention Council to present the “Stop, Drop and Roll Showtime” a fire safety magic show from 2003-2005. He performed 100 shows yearly for 3 consecutive years. As a result to the exposure, Prof Popcorn is a household name that many can recognize.

Every year, he organized and performed at more than 328 parties. Watch as he thrills and amazes the audiences from 4 -94 in The Prof Popcorn’s showtime.

With the burning entrepreneurial spirit in Edwin, he expanded the business to a full scale party shop and party planning company that provides everything about kids party.