An Informative Guides to Balloons in Singapore

An Informative Guide to Balloons for Singapore 



Balloons have a guaranteed place in the most popular decorations suited to any celebration. Original rubber balloons were invented by a scientist named Michael Faraday. He placed two sheets of rubber, one on top of the other and pressed the edges together making the rubber weld shut. The inside of the rubber was rubbed with flour to prevent the surfaces from sticking to each other. He then used these balloons to hold different gases for his experiments. And then there were balloons! Today these simple balloons come in different shapes and colours.


The most common type of balloons is rubber or latex balloons. These are also commonly referred to as party balloons. These balloons are made of latex and are mostly round in shape. It is common to see funny messages printed on them.


Latex balloons delivery necessitates covering with a fine powder to keep them from sticking to each other. This powder may cause allergic reactions in some people. Foil balloons are the best alternative for those who suffer from such allergies.


Water balloons provide a lot of fun especially for parties in the sun. Great for use in water fights, these balloons come with a thinner rubber skin as compared to normal air balloons for easy bursting when thrown at an object.


Water balloons differ from other balloons in a few ways: Firstly these balloons are usually filled with water and most importantly they are not used for decorative purposes but rather in water balloon fighting.


Metallic appearance balloons are usually referred to as foil and Mylar balloons. These balloons borrow their design from NASA. These balloons are made of Mylar nylon coated with metallic finish. Foil balloons are known to hold air over longer periods as compared to latex balloons.

Clear balloons that made from a stretchy clear plastic resemble bubbles and are, therefore, named bubble balloons. These balloons may be decorated using various designs and commonly have messages printed on them.


Giant balloons are also referred to as gliding balloons due to their gliding action. Giant balloons are made from vinyl and must be weighted to produce the gliding action. These balloons are mostly used more than once as they are more durable than other balloons.


The above balloon types may be filled with air or helium. The fact that helium is lighter than air makes balloons filled with it light and thus floats in the air. This is essential in creating clouds of floating balloons during festivities. These may require weights to be held down in position in situations where they are not required to float away.


Helium balloons that require to be held in place by an anchor at parties are attached to the anchor by an equally decorative ribbon. These ribbons like the balloons come in different colours while being straight or curly.

Mcdonald Birthday Party Singapore | Ministry of Party

Plan The Perfect Birthday Party With McDonald's And Ministry Of Party

If you are looking for a way to create a memorable birthday party for your child, and a stress free day for yourself, then planning a McDonald's birthday party for your child is the perfect way to accomplish that goal. You simply need to contact your local McDonald's tell them you want to have a McDonald's party for your child's birthday, agree to a day and time and the number of children that will be present and McDonald's will supply the happy meals, cake, decorations, and party favors for your party. All you need to do is send out those party invitations and show up!

Of course if you are looking for a way to make that McDonald's birthday party even more fun and exciting for your child and his and hers friends, they you can add some special touches to that birthday party fun with some balloons, goodie bags, and a little lively entertainment and Ministry of Party can easily supply you with all of those extras to make your child's McDonald's party truly one of a kind.


A Birthday Balloon Bouquet

Dazzle your child and make them feel special on their birthday by adding a colorful birthday balloon bouquet to your child's decorations. Everyone loves balloons and a colorful boutique will add to the fun of the of the big event.

In fact, while you are at it, why not include a helium filled balloon for each of the guests as well. We here at Ministry of Party have a huge choice of colorful balloons in wide a variety of colors and prints and you can even get printed balloons with your child's or each guests name printed right on the balloon to make everyone feel a special party of the birthday celebration!


Live Entertainment

We can also supply you with some live and lively entertainment. You can hire a balloon sculptor, face painter, or paint on tattoo artist to provide your child and his/her guests with some hands on fun. Or you can provide your guests with a magic, balloon or puppet show to enjoy as part of the days festivities. You may even be able to add a pinata to the fun of the day (check with McDonald's about Pinata's when planning your party).


By adding a few additional and fun touches to your child's McDonald's birthday party you make this birthday a truly memorable one for your child and completely stress free for you and the other adults attending.


Venues to hold your child's Birthday Party

Birthday Party Venues Singapore

If you are looking for a place to hold your child's next birthday party there are several different places you can choose from in Singapore that provide great kid's party venues and even plan the party for you. Here is a look at just some of the Birthday party venues Singapore has to offer.


1) Little Gym

The Little Gym offers a 2 ½ hour birthday party time block for your child's birthday party. This includes 1 full hour of gym of activities and 90 minutes for eating and gifts. During that 90 minutes of eating time, you may want to book some addition entertainment to keep the kid's from restless so check with the party co-coordinator at the little gym to see if you can provide a professional entertainer.


2) Gymboree

Gymboree offers a variety of birthday party themes and use of the facilities for 1 ½ hours per party. They do supply a professional Gymboree teacher, but only allow ½ hour for cake and gifts.


3) Happy Willow

Happy willow offers a choice of party themes for birthday parties and gears their activities to the age of the child. They offer birthday packages as well as wide variety of add on services so that parents can customize their child's party in unique ways.


4) Explorer Kid

ExplorerKid does offer birthday parties, but you need to contact the the venue to learn more about what their birthday packages include.


5) Forest Adventure

Forest Adventure offers a birthday party package for children 6 to 12 who enjoy adventures. Their birthday package includes their adventure course, a certificate of completion, Themed inviations to guests, a cake and a tee shirt for the birthday boy and good. It might be a good idea for parents to check with Forest Adventure about bringing in goodie bags, balloons and other birthday fun stuff for the guests.


6) Wild, Wild, Wet

For those summer birthday parties, the Wild, Wild, wet sounds like the perfect place to hold a kids birthday party. There is a 15 child minimum for parties held at this theme park, but it does include passes to all the Wild, Wild, Wet activities, and 2 hour use of the party area, invitations, games a host and more.


Your Home

When looking for a party venue for your child's birthday party you shouldn't overlook the obvious, your home. Holding that birthday party in backyard or in your house doesn't have to be stressful, as you can make arrangements for the party to come to you. Ministry of Party offers party management services to help you plan your party, and they can even provide the entire party for you with a variety of decoration and party packages. They can even supply your party with a emcees or host, entertainment and supervision of the cutting of the birthday cake and games.

10 Steps to Organise a Birthday Party for your child in Singapore?

When it comes to throwing a birthday party, it is actually a little more complicated that it first might seem. While most people think of what to get and who to invite, the actual use of the time for the birthday party often gets overlooked. This means that you may have your guests standing around doing nothing for long periods of time until you know how to structure  the party.


What follows is a simple, step-by-step guide that will help you properly organise a birthday party and have everything covered. Remember that the more preparation you do before the party, the better you and your guests will enjoy themselves during the party.


Step 1: Think of a Party Theme

Do a little brainstorming and come up with a good theme to your party. Naturally, it should tie in to how old the birthday boy or girl will be as well as their own interests. Once you have narrowed down the choices, do a little research to check into prices to see which theme fits your budget the best.


Step 2: Venue Sourcing

If your party is going need more space than your home can provide, check out the various venues around your community to see which one will work the best. Naturally, it should fit your budget and hold the number of guests that you expect.


Step 3: Guest Lists and Invitation

Now that you know what you want and where it is going to be, the next step is preparing the guest lists and sending out the invitations. If you tie in the invitations to the theme of the party, that will help enhance the entire experience.


Step 4: Party Entertainment

This means perhaps hiring a magician, clown or even a professional troupe that specializes in entertaining children. When you hire a professional entertainer or troupe of entertainers, it makes planning the party much easier as they can entertain the kids while you can focus on handling the other aspects of the party.


Step 5: Party Shop

Here, you get all the party supplies and balloons that fit the theme you have chosen. You can mix and match the colors to get the effect you want and even field suggestions from the party supplier that might augment the party you are throwing.


Step 6: Party Food

Cake, cookies and snacks are generally the order of the day, particularly for a party that will last only a few hours. Just be sure to have enough snacks to carry over in case you get a hungry crowd.


Step 7: Party Games

Even if you have chosen to have professional entertainment, you will want to have a few party games around that the kids will play before and after the performances. You really want interactive games that the kids can play together.


Step 8: Party Decoration

Here, you want to match the decoration with the overall theme of your party. The decorations should fit the venue that you have chosen and be relatively easy to set up.


Step 9: What to do on the Day of the Party?

It all starts with the decorations and setting up the party, so be sure that you allocate enough time to get everything ready. You’ll want to finish decorating before the first guests arrive so you can greet them and start the good times. Once the party is over with, have a few trash receptacles around to take care of the refuse.


Step 10: Thanking your Guests!

Be sure to send a word of thanks to everyone who came. This is a great finishing touch to your birthday party!


Top 15 Ideas for Birthday Party in Singapore

Kids’ party ideas are needed by any parent who plans to throw a big or small impressive party for kids in Singapore. Throwing a birthday party may not be easy especially if it is your first attempt to throw one. You will be stressing out about what to do that can make your kid special in the party. There is a lot to consider in the party that will make you and your kid happy. Just have the edge of feeling worthiness to actually do something big. Follow the children party ideas given below to help you get started with the kid’s party.


1) Plan for the party


Nothing is better planning beforehand for the party. Planning for the party will help you make the party with ease hence everything will be well-organised. You must plan about the outfits for your kid, the guests to invite, the venue to hire, catering services, foods, and many more kids party ideas.


2) Venue


You have to plan about the venue to use for your kids’ birthday. There are many venues for hire in Singapore with state-of-the-art buildings to add value to your party. There are just plenty of kids’ party ideas to consider with regard to venue choices. However, if you want a party that is within your budget then you may opt for public halls or churches. National parks could also be an option worth-considering when looking for a venue to host the party.


3) Invitations


Draft some beautiful birthday cards or buy some cards to send out your invitations to close friends of your kid(s) and your close friends. The number of the invitations sent will determine the size of the venue to be chosen for the party.


4) Foods for the party


One of children birthday party ideas is to buy enough foods for the invited guests. There is a lot to consider here. Let your kid choose some favourite recipes she or he likes. Kids often love pizzas, burgers, snacks, and many more.


5) Cake


It has become a normal practise that every party should include a cake showing that it is a complete party. You can pre-order a customised cake in Singapore with lovely ingredients to your kids. Alternatively, you can make a homemade cake.


6) Catering for the birthday


Want kids’ birthday party ideas on catering in Singapore? Then find catering services to do everything for you if you are not well-equipped with catering. To minimise costs, it is advised that you try your best to do. It’s nothing big though. Just do everything on your own.


7) Decorations


Minimise the budget and do décor on your own. Once you are sure about your venue, it is then that you can think about the décor. Just children’s lovely colours will suffice with accompanying table and chair cloths.


8) Theme


You have to note the difference in theme between a girl and a boy. Thus kids’ party ideas differ for girls and boys. With the girl, you may buy everything that is feminine including the colours used for decorations. For boys, it’s a different story.


9) Outfits for birthday


Take your kid to retail stores to choose a stunning outfit he or she likes for the party.


10) Party games


Your close friends will probably bring their own kids. Therefore, keeping them busy with party games is a better option. They may as well give a good company to your kid.


11) Entertainment


You may hire an entertainer in Singapore for your kids’ birthday. Otherwise figuring out entertainment on your own will be good. Just favourite music and some plays or short movies will be enough.


12) Presents by guests


Draft a wish list of presents that you want guests to bring. You can ask your kid to choose on her or his own.


13) Presents by you


There are lots of options to consider. You know your kid. Therefore, buy what will make her or him happy.


14) Party bags


There are many party bags options you can opt for. Luckily, some are found in supermarkets. You can make yours by including a variety of sweets and snacks.


15) After party travel


 After the party, you can nurse your kid by taking a trip to some interesting places in Singapore. Singapore is home to a variety of exotic parks and resorts to visit.


Follow these kids’ birthday party ideas to have a well-planned party without a stress.

What to keep in mind when and going through First Birthday Party Ideas?

Your baby’s 1st birthday is a huge milestone for you and your family. It presents you with an opportunity to create long lasting memories of your little bundle of joy. At this point, it is important not to go overboard with your baby’s first birthday party ideas as she is not going to remember this. Memories will be carried over by videos or photographs together with birthday wishes that will be noted down. The best you can do for your baby at this point is to ensure that she is happy and actively enjoys this day. Having a more personal approach to your baby’s first birthday party ideas is highly recommended.

Planning a baby’s 1st birthday is very different compared to planning parties for older children. The invited guests, food and even decorations vary greatly. Below you will find some eye opening advice on what to keep in mind when going through your baby’s first birthday party ideas.

First and foremost you will need to come up with a desired list of invited guests. When evaluating first birthday party ideas, be sure to keep in mind that at this age your baby is most probably not accustomed to spending time with strangers. Having too many people around who your baby is not familiar with might end up scaring the baby and thus spoiling their happy mood. It is recommended that you only invite familiar playground friends and close family members whose company the baby will enjoy. It is important to remember that the baby will demand your undivided attention which is only possible through hosting a small group.

Another vital factor to consider when going through your baby’s 1st birthday party ideas is the timing of the party. Your baby like most others at this age is bound to have morning and afternoon naps. This means that you should schedule the party anytime in between these naps. Denying your baby her nap can lead to her being overtired and cranky. This moodiness can result in crying, which is bound to spread to all other babies present. Ensure you also enquire about your baby guests’ nap times as well.

Food is among the most important parts of a party. Your baby’s first birthday party is no exception. Different first birthday party ideas come with different food requirements. Be sure to keep in mind the risk posed by foods and snacks that may be considered as choking hazards. It is recommended that you go for finger foods as these are easy to eat for children. Be sure to remember the birthday cake!

All decoration materials should be inspected for choking hazards; babies present may easily pick them up and ingest them. With the above factors in mind you can go through possible first birthday party ideas knowing that your baby will enjoy your choice. 

Party Games Ideas for Kids Party

Most Fun Party Games for Kids


Kids love playing and having fun. Children’s party requires kid’s participation to make everyone actively engage in the event. Parties without games are boring for all guests. And the best way to heat up and attract people to attend your child’s party is by having brilliant party games ideas. Each idea must be suitable for children’s humour. It is best if you know which games are really and which are not. Here are some party games for kids that you can select from:



1) Pin the Tail on the Animal


This is a very traditional party game that even adults love to play. Party games for birthday party never lack “pin the tail on the animal”. It’s very enjoyable and easily played even indoors. All you need is a picture of an animal and a DYI tail. And you can start playing already!



2) Apple Bobbing


This is the game that children love to try. All you need are apples and a pail filled with water. Dip all apples in the water and let the kids try to get the apples using their mouth while their hands are tied behind their back. You will see the smile on your guests’ faces when they see the funny looks of their kids while playing these party games for kids.



3) The Flour Game


This game will surely make everybody laugh. Prepare a bowl filled with cake flour with chocolate balls or mars bars buried inside. Let the kids try searching for the hidden food and see how funny they look after.



4) Simon Says


No kid hates Simon says. This is an effective game to know how efficient your child in following orders is. All you need to do is thinking of silly ideas to make them do. Be sure to include this in your party games for birthday party.



5) Musical Statues


Party games for kids need to have one that can make them dance. Musical statues will definitely make your kids move that body. The rules go that when the music stops, everyone needs to be absolutely still like a statue. And when someone moves, he’s out of the game!



6) Sleepy Lions


When party games for birthday party gets out of hand, you have to let the kids pretend like sleeping lions. Anyone can disturb them and make them move, but not too much! Anyone caught moving is out of the game. And they can help in disturbing the other players.



7) Touch and Feel


This is absolutely enjoyable to watch. You have to prepare some items for the kids to touch and feel while they are blindfolded. Try objects that have a weird texture to make them jump and look funny. The person who guesses correctly wins!



8) Food on a String


Party games for kids require group efforts for some games. Food on a string lets your kid eat and have fun at the same time. All you have to do is attach foods that kids love on a string hanged above their heads. Let everyone fall in line and eat each food without using their hands. The group who finishes their string first wins!



9) Pass the Parcel


This game will surprise and excited the kids so much. You have to wrap something really good in layers of gift wrappers or papers. Let the kids pass on the parcel to the next kid till the music stops. When the music stops, let the kid open one wrapper and continue passing until the surprise pops out. The kid who opens the surprise gift wins!



10) Escape the Monster


Party games ideas require both kids and adults participation. Escape the monster will let everyone enjoy the party. Have one adult pretend as a monster and run after the kids. The goal is to not let the monster caught you. When one player gets caught, he becomes a monster too until only one kid remains uncaught. 

Ultimate Birthday Party Guide in Singapore

It is your little one’s birthday; you live in Singapore and you have no idea where to get the best kids birthday party supplies, food, entertainment, or even birthday cake. Well, fret not. This party guide will assuredly provide you with necessary details and information needed to transform your little one’s birthday party into a memorable and more eye-catching one. The guide will also provide you with a unique and gratifying party planning experience of a lifetime.

Easy Steps to Having the Best Kids Birthday Party Experience

Pick a venue: This is the first step to throwing the best kids birthday party. There are so many party venues in Singapore. You can throw a birthday party in function rooms, childcare and schools, or even at home depending on what suits you best. In Singapore, function rooms are quite popular since they are free of charge. Thus ensure to secure a booking in advance and ensure there is ample space to accommodate all the kids.

Choose a theme: Bring out the perfect kids birthday party theme by choosing the dress code, customised gifts, great birthday activities, and decorations. Decorations could be in the form helium balloons, or better; giant birthday themed balloon bouquet. Get creative and buy excellent birthday party decorations. Get an assortment of kid’s birthday supplies in Singapore from Ministry of Party

Make a budget: Throwing an extravagant kids birthday party is awesome. You, however, must decide on your budget. Consider how much it will cost you to throw a kid’s party and stay within your budget. Do you want a grand party or a small party? Do you want unique decorations? How many kids will avail themselves for the birthday party? Make a party budget using the answers.

Other Important Steps in a Kids Birthday Party Guide


Find awesome food: No words can overstate the importance of awesome food in a kid’s birthday party. Get the best food by hiring food caterers or cooking your own food. Hiring a caterer sounds exciting. There are so many reputable and reliable catering services in Singapore that you can hire for your kids birthday party. Top on the list: Stamford Catering, Neo Garden Caterers (renowned for great food), and DeliHub for the best Halal food.

Get the perfect cake: This is the crowning moment of every birthday party. Since it is a kid’s party, make the cake experience more memorable by choosing their favourite cake. Make the birthday cake even more appealing by getting baked in an adorable shape with extra colourful designs. In Singapore, you can order the perfect kids birthday party cake from Bengawan Solo, BakerZin Bakery, Swensens Bakery , Aunty Yochana  and Patisserie Bakery.

Top 10 Tips for Organising a Successful Kids Party


1) Research online Kids’ Party blogs and articles online

The best thing about being a parent these days is the amount of information available on the internet that can benefit you in so many ways. All over the internet, particularly in social networking sites such as Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest are ideas and instructions on how to plan for a whopping good time for your kids. All you have to do is just access this incredible wealth of information.

2) Choose a theme for your Kids’ Party

To start off, you should pick a theme for your kid’s party. Doing so will force you to focus on a single theme instead of being all over the place with your ideas. Notice your kid’s new favourite cartoon character? You can create Kids’ Party around that.

3) Set a budget for your Kids’ Party

It’s so easy to go overboard with preparations especially if you’re planning a party for your favourite little girl or guy. Before starting with any of the preparations, decide on the kind of budget you would like to work with. Doing so will help with your decision making with regards to the kid’s party and will prevent you from breaking the bank on Junior’s fourth birthday.

4) Stick to your budget

There really isn’t much of a point in setting a budget if you won’t stick to it, is there? Be disciplined about this, many parents go overboard with the kids party that they plan only to be paying nasty credit interest later. Seriously, stick to your budget. You’ll be glad that you did.

5) Choose the menu on our kid’s party wisely

If you plan to hire catering services for your kids party, this shouldn’t be any problem. However, if you’re like most other parents on a budget you would probably be making the food yourself. Stick to recipes you already know, cooking in bulk for theparty is no time to be experimenting.

6) Make this Kids’ Party a family bonding opportunity

Get all of your kids to help out with the party preparations. It would make planning and preparations much more pleasant if you had several helping hands. Assign them to do things that are safe for them such as packing the goody bags.

7) Get some of your close friends to pitch in

Do you have a friend who is into photography? You could ask for them to take pictures of the party for a small fee or in exchange for feeding them. A Kid’s Party is such a precious time for most parents; it would be great to have great pictures to look back to.

8) Limit your guest list at your kid’s party

Inviting too many kids could spell disaster at your kids party. Remember, the moment these kids step under your roof you are partly responsible for them. Having too many kids or too many people for that matter might leave some of the kids unsupervised.

9) Look for educational opportunities

Instead of trinkets and centrepieces, why not lay out papers and crayons at all the kids tables? They will appreciate finally being able to colour all over the place without getting in trouble.

10) Have fun and roll with it

Last but definitely not the least—have fun. The whole point of any kids party is to have fun, have a great time with your family and to celebrate your kid. That and nothing else should be the focus of the whole party.

Classic Party Games for Kids Party

Do you remember the good old times when Bouny Castles, Clowns or Mascot Apperaance were not so common for Kid's birthday party? It was just some classic games, parents will conduct themeselves to entertain their guests at their kids party. 

Before these games becomes extinction, it is time to revive the classic games we used to play. These party games promote camaraderie and physical activity and lots of fun and laughter. It is very easy and inexpensive to create such fun for your child's party. Most of the games require cheap household items. 

1) Pass the Parcel 

Materials: i) Wrapping Papers 

               ii) A Small Gift

               iii) Music with a Sound System 


What to Buy: Small prizes eg, pencil, coloring book, bubbles, stationery sets


Before the party, parents will have to prepare a small prize and wrap the small prizes with many layers of wrapping paper. 

During the party, the children sits in a circle and you play some music in the background. When the music stops, the child who is holding the present will unwrap a layer of the gift wrapping. The game continues until all the layers have been peeled. The child who peels of the last layer will win the prize. 

2) Egg Relay 

Materials: Eggs and Spoon 

How to play the game? 

Divide the children into different teams eg. A & B. Assuming, there are 10 members in a team, divide these 10 members up into 5 on each side. (20m apart) 

Give each team an egg. (Hard Boil egg will be ideal!) and the kids will race from one end to the other without dropping the egg on the floor. 

First team to finish will win the game! 

3) Musical Chair 

Materials: Chairs and Music Player 


Set up the chairs in 2 rows back to back. Have all the children stand in front of the chair. (For Example, if you have 10 kids, you should have 10 chairs). Start playing the children's favourite music. Children walk around the chair. Remove a chair. When the music stops, have everyone take a seat. The children without the seat will be out of the game. He can help you remove the chair. Last man left seated will win the game.