Scene Setters

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What are scene setters?

Scene setters are room decorations that easily and quickly transform your entire room into the party theme of your choice. They go by many names including Scene Setter, Insta-Theme, and Party Murals, but they all work interchangeably. Typically they consist of a backdrop and add-on props that enable you to customize the scene to your liking. We have scene setters for many of the licensed parties' theme. Scene setters are perfect cheap backdrops for your theme party or event.


How to decorate with scene setters

Scene setters are very easy to use and you can have your complete scene.  


Select an appropriate backdrop for your party theme. For example, suppose you wanted to decorate your living room for a Kids party with a Mickey Mouse's theme. Start with the backdrop to give your walls the background for your scene. Notice that most backgrounds have a top and bottom section so you can mix and match to get the specific scene you want. All of the scene setters can be attached to your walls with pins or two sided tape. 


You can apply the scene setter add-ons with clear tape. Its as simple as that! Pick a background, then select the additional props you want. The individual props can also be used by themselves.

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