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Carnival Equipment Rental 

Whether you are planning a fund raising event, a family corporate event, or a block party creating your own special carnival can increase the fun and excitement for the entire family. However, in Singapore Carnival equipment rental places aren't easy to find luckily for you Ministry of Party has some great carnival equipment that make your next fund raising or other event a huge success.


Candy Floss Rental 

Who doesn't love candy floss or cotton candy as it is also called. Candy floss is little more than colorful spun sugar that has a cottony texture and is a favorite at carnivals and street fairs and will be a huge favorite at your next event as well. Almost everyone loves candy floss from the smallest child to the oldest adult and those who will making the candy floss will have as much fun as those who are eating it will! However, our Candy floss machine is in high demand so be sure to call and reserve our machine for your event in advance to ensure that it will be available for big event.


Popcorn Rental

We also offer popcorn machine rental, another favorite of carnivals and street fairs, and of course a favorite of kids of all ages from toddlers to 80 year olds. There is simply nothing more tasty that bag or box of hot buttery popcorn when people get together to enjoy a day of exciting and fun events.



Bouncy Castles 

If your fund raising or corporate events offer games or other activities that smaller children can't play, then renting one of bouncy castles will help to keep those little ones entertained and happy throughout your event. Bouncy castles are fun for small children and helps them to burn off all that excess energy and possible that sugar high from eating all that candy floss!


Other Supplies To Make Your Event Complete


We also have other party supplies that can help to your street carnival or event complete and even more fun. We have a large variety of balloons both plain and printed that make great give aways or that you can sell to raise even more money for your worthy cause. And of course we can rent you a helium tank so that you can fill those balloons making Ministry of Party your one stop shopping.


While you are picking up those Candy floss and popcorn machine rentals, why not also pick up a piñata or two? Piñatas will only increase the fun and once they broken one everyone can scramble for treats!


Hiring Entertainers For Your Event

If you are short of entertainment or games to make your block carnival or fund raising carnival a success why not hire one or two of our entertainers to help round out the fun? We can offer face painting, caricatures, and balloon sculpting talent as entertains who can put on a magic show or puppet show. Our entertainers usually are hired for a set amount of time, but, we will try and accommodate your needs if at all possible.


Singapore is a great place to hold a celebration and our carnival equipment rental and other party supplies and entertainers can help make your event a success.


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