Balloon Printing

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Balloon Printing Services For Your Event

Whether you are corporation sponsoring a community event and want an inexpensive form of advertising that is extremely eye catching, or whether you are hosting a graduation party, birthday, or wedding and want to help personalize your decor a balloon printing service can meet your needs inexpensively and stylishly. Ministry of Party of Singapore, can fulfill all your balloon printing needs allowing you to fill any space with fun colorful balloons bearing your logo or message. This company can meet all your needs by preparing customized or personalize balloons for any large event.


Personalized or Customized Balloons

Our company can offer you personalized or customized balloons for your next big event. We do sets of balloons in groups of 500, 1000, or 3000 either printed on one or two sides. If you choose 2 sided printing we can either print the same logo or message on both sides or you can choose a different message, logo or artwork for each side. Our customized balloons are 12 inches plenty large enough to attract attention.


Note: The Min Order Qty for our Customised Balloon Printing is 100pcs. Unfortunately, we dont accept orders below 100pcs. 


Printing Colors

You can even choose the color of print you would like on your customized balloons, we print in black, white, red, or blue or a mixture of these colors. Simply choose the colors you would like to stand out against the colors of balloons you have selected for your event, submit your artwork and/or message and as soon as we okay the artwork, we will get the a start on your personalized balloons.


Order in Advance

Of course it does take a little bit of time for us to get the printing on your customized or personalized balloons just right. But you should have your complete order in 7 to 14 working days, so be sure to order your printed balloons in advance so we can get your order to you prior to your big day.


Air Inflation 


A) Helium Inflation 


For Helium Inflation, you will require a Helium Tank. The Accessories you will require to tie the balloons will be either Clip and String or Ribbons (For Balloons) 


B) Air Inflation 


For Air inflation, you will require an electric pump. The Accessories you will require to tie the balloons will be Cups and Stick


Customized or printed balloons are the perfect way to attract attention to a corporate or business event and handing out colorful balloons to kids is a great way to advertise and help brand your company. Having personalized balloons for that large wedding or anniversary party is a great way to make that event even more special. Imagine using personalized balloons with the bride and grooms name and wedding date printed on them to create centerpieces for the reception, or to have a balloon release as a way to celebrate the the bridal couple.


Of course if you are looking for something less personal or customized, you can order any of our smaller packages of printed balloons for birthdays, or your other decorating needs. Why not stop by Singapore's Ministry of Party website and learn more about our printed balloons and out balloon printing services before your next event.

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