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How to make your next Event fun and Colorful using Balloons?


Every party planner and party-goer alike can tell you that party decorations set the mood for any party or event. With the correct decorations, you can give your planned event the right feel and have your guests enjoying themselves from the moment they set foot at the venue. Choosing the right decorations does not necessarily mean that you have to spend a fortune on them but instead you can choose the best combination of easily available and affordable items. Balloons are among the most versatile and affordable decoration materials. With the different types of balloon available, you have the freedom to create any theme you want for any event.


Types and Styles of Balloons


There exist a wide variety of balloon suitable for different types of events. The most common variety of balloons is latex balloons. Other available types include Mylar balloons which are known for their distinct metallic appearance. Balloons also come in a wide variety of shapes, colors and printed messages where appropriate, these are great for creating a custom message at your event whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or any other event.


Floating Helium Balloons 


What’s a party without Helium balloons? They are the life of every kids’ party, and complete the festive picture by adding to the charm of the landscape.  If you’re searching for the ever-popular floating helium balloons in Singapore, leave it to the Ministry of Party to serve your needs. Whatever your choice may be, we have the right bundle of helium filled balloons (Singapore) to complement your theme and delight your little guests. Choose from a chart of rainbow colours to offset your décor and get the party started! 


Note: Floating Latex Helium Balloons has a flying time of between 6-10 hours depending on humidity and temperature. 


Balloon  Decoration Packages


After you have decided on the types of balloons that you want for your event, the next thing you should do is figure out which decoration package best suits your event. To create a spectacular appearance of your party venue you can rely on our innovative and attractive balloon arrangements. Our balloon packages are tailored to your budget to ensure an exact match. Arrangements include balloon arch arrangement, centerpieces, columns, bouquets and floating balloons that may be clustered on the ceiling with appropriate printed designs such as stars. All these arrangements come with a different mix of multiple types of balloons for the best effect.


Wedding Balloons


Weddings are very personal events, getting the right balloon decorations is essential in personalizing them. We provide a wide variety of balloons in different colors for the best chance of matching the chosen wedding color while different arrangement packages provide an enhanced decorative effect. So depending on your preference you can pick some predetermined packages or create your own personal arrangement that best suits your wedding theme.


Balloon Bouquets


Balloon has gained a lot of prominence in enhancing the appearance and mood at event venues. Different arrangements have been developed to provide an attractive presentation of balloon decorations. Balloon bouquets are one such arrangement. We offer interesting balloon bouquets featuring a beautiful combination of balloon colors and types.


Helium Tank Rentals


Helium balloons are among the most appealing balloon types due to their lighter than air properties that enable them to float in the air. We offer rental helium tanks for filling your own balloons and weights to anchor down these floating balloons.


So next time you find yourself in need of great and affordable decorations look through our different decoration packages featuring balloons where you will find the best fit for your event.

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