Balloon Bouquet

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If you are looking for Balloon Bouquet in Singapore, you are at the right place! 


We have a huge selection (up to 70 different designs of Balloon Bouquets) to suit your party's theme and purpose. Ministry of Party carries a variety of Balloon Bouquets eg, Licensed Theme Balloon Bouquet, General Themes Balloon Bouquet, 1st Birthday Balloon Bouquet, Baby Shower Balloon Bouquet & Love, Hugs and Kisses Balloon Bouquet


A Balloon Bouquet consists of 5 mylar balloons in 1 cluster. Typically, there is a XL Shape mylar balloon (Centrepiece), 2 Accompanying Theme 18" Foil Balloons with 2 Plain Star/ Heart shape balloon. If the balloon bouquet is helium inflated, we will tie it in a bundle with a weight to prevent it from flying away. The Balloon Bouquet can last up to 2-3 days. 


Balloon Deco Packages and Birthday Party Packages Avail! Check it out!

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