Balloon Decoration

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Take Your Next Party To A New Level With Creative Balloon Decorations


Whether you are planning a baby or wedding shower, anniversary party, high school graduation party or your young child's birthday party Balloon decorations can help get your next party off to a great start. You can buy or create party balloon centerpieces for your party tables either as centerpieces or simply as decorations. Here are some great Balloon Decoration ideas, you can create easily at home.


Balloon Centerpieces

Balloon centerpieces are easy and simple and these centerpieces can range from a single helium filled balloon, to several balloons of different sizes, shapes and colors, tied together at varying lengths to make a balloon boutique. Once you decide how many balloons you want in your centerpiece simply create the centerpiece from helium filled balloons and attach them to a decorated weight to hold them in place. You can use plain balloons or get some special printed ones to fit the occasion.


Corner Decorations

When decorating for a party there is usually one or two corners that just seem to be difficult to fill, why not fill these corners with a balloon column or get a bit more creative and use a large flower pot turned upside down and make a decoration along the lines of your centerpieces with multiple balloons at different heights, all tied together with the strings threaded through the hole in the bottom of the planter and tied inside so that they stay in place. This give you a balloon bush that can fill a corner nicely and add a little extra color to your rooms decor.


Floating Balloons

Of course one really simple balloon decoration is to simply fill 50, 60 or 100 balloons with helium tie them with a long ribbon, curl the ribbon and let the balloons float to the top of your room. This is a great decoration for dance floors, and you can even tie stars, or snowflakes to the end of the balloons to add a bit pizazz to your floating balloon decoration.


Balloon Arches

Of course balloon arches also make perfect decorations and can add a welcoming touch to guests as they enter the party venue. Balloon arches can be as simple as single balloons tied close together on an arch shaped wire or can be extremely full giving the arch a layered look.


Party Balloon Favors

Of course you can give your guests some great party balloon favors simply by adding a blown up balloon to your party favor bag or box, Smaller balloons work best for favor bags and boxes and they are a fun addition to children's parties.


If you live in Singapore and are looking for party balloon decorations for your next party or simply want party balloons to create your own balloon decorations then why not check out the Ministry of Party website as they have a huge selection of party balloons including balloon decorating packages for you to choose from.


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