Latex Balloons

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Why Latex Balloons Make Great Party Decorations? 


Whether you are having a Halloween or Christmas party, birthday party, or Home coming party latex balloons make great party decorations for several reasons.


·       They are Fairly Inexpensive- When you consider the cost of most party decorations these days, it's easy to see that latex balloons make for inexpensive party decorations compared to the other decorations that are available. This allows you to have more money to spend on food and entertainment for your party instead of going broke on decorations.


·       Extremely Versatile- Latex balloons are also extremely versatile, you can use as wall or ceiling decorations without having to put tape or tacks or anywhere, they can be used for table centerpieces, to fill in those awkward corners, and even used to decorate a food or gift table as well as gifts themselves. Of course you can also get latex balloons in a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes and prints so it is easy to customize the balloons to fit your occasion. And unlike those taped up decorations, where the tape seems to let go right in the middle of your celebration, helium filled latex balloons will remain up and floating for 6 to 8 hours depending on the temperature of the room.


·       Just Plain Fun- Of course let's face it, balloons are just plain fun and no matter how old we get there is just something about balloons that makes every party feel more like a party and just a wee bit more fun than those parties without balloons. It's hard not enjoy yourself at any event where balloons are part of the event.


·       Adds a Touch of Elegance- When you use latex balloons in a color such as metallic white, gold or silver to make a canopy, or use in table decorations you can add a touch of elegance to your party décor without going way beyond your budget. Which why balloons of these colors are often used to decorate for weddings and anniversary parties and those high class charity benefits.


Ministry of Party in Singapore can meet the needs of all Singapore residents as they have a large array of latex balloons you can choose from to meet your decorating needs, including plain colored balloons in both standard and metallic, printed balloons including a large choice of themed balloons for parties (especially children's parties) and Balloon packages that offer a variety of balloon decorating choices which will save you both time and money. They even have helium tanks to rent so that you fill up your balloons when your decorate for party.


They will also personalize your latex balloons to fit your special occasion, or in the case of a corporate event with your companies name or logo.


So if you are looking for a budget friendly way to decorate for your next party then latex balloons may be a great choice for many of decorating needs.


NOTE: Floating Latex Balloons have a flying time of about 6-10 Hours depending on temperature and Humidity. Please plan your delivery time at most 1 Hour ahead of the Party Start Time! 

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