Standard Colour Latex Balloons

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Standard Colour Latex Balloons are the most common form of balloons being used. We offer a variety of Standard Colour Latex Balloons. See our Balloon Colour Chart. 

Perhaps the first type of balloons most people encounter as children are called latex balloons. Latex balloons are made, not surprisingly, from latex rubber, a naturally elastic material used to make everything from latex house paint to latex gloves. In the case of latex balloons, the rubber is molded into various shapes and ordinary air, or other gases such as helium, can be forced into them for expansion purposes.

Latex balloons begin life as special metal molds and a vat of liquefied latex rubber. The bulb-shaped molds are lined up in single file along a conveyor belt system. At the lowest end of the conveyor belt, the molds dip into the vat of latex and emerge with a thin coating of rubber. As the series of molds moves through the air, the latex dries and cures. A machine rolls one end of the balloon just before a controlled puff of air blows it off the mold. This rolled end allows users to inflate the balloon more easily.

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