Mylar (Foil) Balloons

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Mylar balloons are also called known as foil balloon. The name "mylar" balloon suggest that it is made of a material known as mylar and it is stretchable to a small degree. 


Mylar balloon can either be air filled or helium filled and are most commonly used at carnivals, birthday party, events, weddings or any events that called for a celebration. 


The balloon manufacturers have perfected the art of producing mylar balloons in all shapes and sizes raning from as small as 9inch to as big as 5ft airwalker. Mylar balloons will contract in cold temperature and will regain its shape in warmer temperature. 


Mylar balloons are extremely versatile. A 36" XL size mylar balloon can be mixed with 2x 18 inch mylar printed balloons with 2 x 18 inch plain mylar shape balloons to form a beautiful balloon boquuet


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