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For many people parties and pinatas are nearly synonymous. Often times one of the first decisions is what kind of pinata to have and of course what to fill it with. When we think of pinatas we typically think of Mexico, but what about China? According to legend the first pinatas originated in ancient China. They Chinese uses to make them in the shape of cows, oxen, buffalo, and other animals. They were used to celebrate the seasons and were filled with grains and rice. The rest of the legend says Marco Polo introduced pinatas to Europe where they were incorporated into religious practices, particularly the Christian holiday of Lent.

Over time the idea of pinatas was introduced into the new world where it was used to win new converts to Christianity. Once the natives caught onto the idea it quickly became popular and over time became the pinata that we think of today.


Pinatas Today

In modern times the pinata has lost much of it religious significance and is now mostly a staple of parties for children and Christmas in Latin-American culture. Modern Pinatas are typically made out paper mache or more traditionally clay pots, and filled with candy and fruits. Part of the fun of pinatas is actually making them. You can get pinata supplies at your local craft store. You'll need tissue or crepe paper, paint, string or yarn, paper mache paste or you can make your own paste with flour and water.) Don't forget the balloon and the stick of course. If you don't have the time to make your own pinata the Ministry Of Party in Singapore has great pinatas you can pick up for your party event.

Once you have the pinata you're ready to go.


How to Play Pinata?

Now you're ready to play the game. To play you need to hang the pinata, already filled with goodies, using the yarn from a tree. Have all the participants young or old stand in a line. One by one each person is blindfolded and spun around in a circle 4 or 5 times. The individual is then given a long stick or baton and has 1 try to hit the pinata and break it open releasing the candy and treats inside. When the pinata is finally broken all the individuals race to see who can gather the most candy from the ground. Sometimes to make the game more interesting the players will give the blindfolded person false clues as to their accuracy of hitting the pinata saying things like “hit higher, hit lower, to your left, to your right”. The misleading is to help ensure that you get to be the person to break open the pinata, and also to make the game a little more interesting.


If you're looking to entertain the children at your child's next birthday party try playing the pinata game. The children will love it and maybe adults as do well. It's simple and fun and you even get a few treats As well.


Note: All Pinatas sold come empty. We will recommend filling up the pinata with candies and lollipops. Avoid small toys/ hard items as it can be damaged during the course of the game. 


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